Thursday, April 6, 2006

Are You Calling me Fat?

Emergency Situations Test: passed! Alfonzo decided that it doesn't matter was grade you got- as long as it's above an 85 you might as well say you got a 100. But everyone's new lucky/favorite number is 86. No one went home today. Or cried. It was a good day.

Today was Security Procedures which, especially following Emergencies, was kinda rattling. But also slightly boring. We did watch two of the cheesiest videos yet, though. When the opening credits came up on the "hidden weapons" vid and I saw 'copyrighted 1984', I knew it was going to be spectacular! But Mr. Parachute Pants Man did have some pretty nifty canes, cigarette packs, and cell phones that can pop a cap in my ass, so I'm not going to make fun of him. The other one was actually shot by ExpressJet using their employees and I want to meet the guy that played the hostile customer... I hear he works the ramp. He kinda reminded me of TW's friend Blake. Hilarious.

Italian for lunch today! Nice to have something different... The guy was scooping lasagna on everyone's plate and he cut the piece he was giving me in half. Gaby and I asked (yelled) at the same time, "Are you calling me (her) fat?" Poor guy nearly dropped the plate we scared him so badly. Then he felt so bad about it (I'm still not sure why he did that) that he filled the whole damn plate with lasagna.

We also learned a few self defense moves that I've already seen demonstrated around the hotel... I accidentally popped Joe (Levi calls him my "work husband"- has anyone else seen that episode of King of Queens?) in the nose instead of stopping short as I was meant to, so he pulled my hair, which got him a nipple pinch before I ran away screaming "Help, help!" as instructed while the trainer took a few lovely pictures of the whole ordeal (They're going to play a slide show at our pointless graduation.)

Tomorrow is First Aid Day! I'm excited... we're going to shock the hell out of dummies with AEDs, drag them around the simulator cabin, then make out with them. I usually don't go that far on the first date, but I guess I'll make an exception if he pays for dinner.

Also, the toilet in our room stopped up again so we demanded to be moved into a new room... and we got one! And it's a regular room, not a handicapped one! I love it so much I just can't can't get over it! Although, I do keep attempting to hit the light switches at waist level...

Naga Nooch!

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