Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rhymes with Blog

Jotted these on a reciept while sitting around waiting for you know what to lift so we can fly.
  • Fun Orbits Goo
  • Friends of Gus
  • Forget On-time, Guys
  • Flights on Ground
  • Freckles on Giraffes
  • Found on Google
  • Frankenstien Overhead Gossip
  • Freaky Oversized Gazelle
  • Fuzzy Orange Guppies
  • Frank Oggles Goats
  • F*** Over Gophers (Oh, we can kill all the gophers, we don't even need a reason!)
  • Fried Orangutan Guts
  • Frisky Octopuss Game
FOG backwards is GOF which as we all know is Good Ol' Fashioned. Nothing about fog is good ol' fashioned. Feel free to add your own!


Kerry Duncan said...

F O G =
fuzzy optical glare
foul odorous gas
Fat old guy
free of guilt
fledgling opera geek
flossing oaten grain
freezing obstetrical gear

Anonymous said...

F O G =

fields of gold
friendly obese geezer
floppy overweight gnomes
frazzled obnoxious golfer
foolish orange glasses
fudge of Gaki
(how DO you spell her name??)
formation of geese
filthy overused grease

Time to stop......

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