Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The difference between disaster and CERTAIN disaster:

Goo: it IS freezing here now

Goo: ice on teh north side of the exploder

Ceci: yeah... the TV just told me that there is a winter storm advisory and warning here, too

Goo: you aren't going anywhere, right?

Ceci: I want to go to WalMart

Ceci: but I guess not

Goo: don't you dare

Goo: is there any thing in walking distance???

Ceci: nope

Goo: :(

Goo: well... mixing freezing precip with darkness is a recipe for certain disaster

Ceci: hmm... my recipe for disaster reads ceci + jagermeister - food

Ceci: ohh... wait... CERTAIN disaster

Ceci: no, you're right.

Goo: you been drinking???

Ceci: no.

Ceci: just sharing recipes with my ma

Goo: thought you were talking about the reason you wanted to go to walmart... to get food to avert danger

Ceci: nope

Ceci: just being witty

Goo: I'm gonna go play scrab ble with ceebee

Goo: you need to work on your most awesome blog

Ceci: ok. I'll just be witty to myself.

Goo: you promised and there is nothing NEW to read!

Ceci: I know. I'm working on it

Goo: ok.... i'll be here.... just trying to form words

Ceci: good luck with that


MamaNoFun said...

Note to self:
Watch what you write to the redhead... your words could come back to haunt you!

Now post a real blog, dangit!

Anonymous said...

that's great!

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