Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, damn...!

David Temple was convicted of murder! Only took ten years. Wasn't sure that they'd actually convict him. Hmm.

In other news, as if I weren't already bummed that i wouldn't be in Rockport with most the fam, I just find out that Jug Band is in Corpus on Saturday and damn Cory Morrow will be at the same bar on Weds. I'm pulling an open to close on Weds, but hopefully will see Rhondy that night and then Kyle will be in town Friday. So, I've definitely got stuff to look forward to, but it's not the same as drinkin' with Gaki and Goo at a Jug Band show.

Speaking of bands I like that I won't be seeing live, my old friend Drew will be in Dallas this Saturday with one of his bands. I'd love to go, but don't want to do alone. Actually, I've got two "friends" I haven't asked yet, so it's not final.

Ok, shower time. Have a good day!

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