Monday, March 9, 2009

STD (Shit To Do) * Not in chronological order*

The boring list:
  • Find dress for Saturday's wedding (Weds or Friday)
  • Do not accumulate any more bruises, scratches, or boo-boos (and hope current ones fade) before wedding on Saturday
  • Hair cut/trim. (Weds? Early Thurs?)
  • Eye brows waxed (Weds? Early Thurs?)
  • Meeting with nice lady (Weds 11:15am)
  • Do not go to jail (Ever)
  • Community service (No idea)
  • Buy replacement cords for all the ones Auggie has used as chew toys
  • Get rid of this cold. Do I need antibiotics?
  • Update Auggie's blog (Coffee time?)
  • Rabies vaccination for Auggles so she can stay in the best pet hotel EVER while I'm at the wedding because everyone I know will be at the wedding and can't petsit. (Weds 2:45)
  • Give Otis a bath and vacuum.
  • Take Otis to shop and figure out why driver's side blinker will light up, but not blink and fix brake light. (I already tried replacing bulbs, it's a bigger problem than that.)
  • Also replace (glue) the rear view mirror than fell off of the windshield and scared the shit out of me.
  • Get Otis inspected.
The exciting list:
  • Pick up Wedding Date/World's Best Brother from airport (Thursday, noon o'clock)
  • Dinner, drinks, and live music with parentals and WBB (Thursday evening/night)
  • Watch Jacey get a pedicure or dinner or drinks or coffee or something (Weds evening)
  • Drinks with friend who will not be named because they don't comment on my blog (Later Weds night)
  • Kindly remind Scott to email me more than three pictures so I can blog about trip to Vegas.
  • Hopefully meet up with Rhondy if she's in town (Friday)
  • Spend lots of quality time with WWB and friends (Thurs-Mon)
  • Ben & Tiffani's wedding! (Saturday)
  • Get ready for Robin's Spring Break in Seattle!!
  • Find a new book to read because I FINALLY finished one today.
  • Come up with more exciting blog content

1 comment:

Tink *~*~* said...

I didn't think it was possible to find someone with more "dumb crap I gotta do" on their To Do list than ME! Hey, maybe that Otis light issue is kind of like when your Christmas lights won't blink - you have to replace one bulb with a "blinker" and voila! No? OK, I tried! ;)

Tink *~*~*

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