Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day Three

Holy crap, today was a loooong one. Weighing in at 102 pages, policies and procedures is the longest chapter in our inflight manual. Because I am a genius, I completed the 35 question homework assignment as the trainer gave the lecture and knew every answer to the review at the end of class. Unfortunately, I was the only one with that bright idea, so everyone else is just beginning the very lengthy assignment, so I am very bored. This is good news for you, though... :)

I do feel somewhat isolated, everyone has already joined cliques and I'm not sure the one I fell into is the best one... they're all very sweet girls, but we are on different study levels and they are sometimes very hard to talk to. Gaby and I get along fabulously alone, but Lili dominates every conversation she is involved in. The thick accents and language barrier has resulted in a few humorous mishaps, last nite as I opened the door to the hotel room I hear Lili ask very frustratedly, "Why can't I get cock?" What? "Cock! I've been trying so long, I just can't get cock!" Again, what?!? "For the Canton Akron." Ohhh... CAK. They've also got half the class pronouncing domicile "dom-a-silly".

I did meet a few hospitable pilot trainees that invited me to hang out with them if I get bored. It would kind of be nice to sail away from the flight attendant estrogen ocean, but I don't think "hang out" means the same thing to them as it does to us, as the extender of the invitation was sporting a shirt that read "Pilots keep it up longer" under the picture of an ascending plane. And let's face it... I"m pretty freakin' hot.

We took our first exam this morning- out of 100 questions, I missed 4. Reviewing the test, two of the questions I missed I knew the answers to, I just f'd up and marked the wrong letter. Oops. Guess I'll slow down a bit for the next one. Today's material still seems pretty cut and dry/common sense... I'm anxious to get to a lesson that is challenging. Or at least somewhat interesting.

We get weekends off, but either Saturday or Sunday we must take an "Observation Flight", which is pretty much just what it sounds like. We won't find out when or where we're flying until Friday. It'll be nice to do something other than hang around the Holiday Inn or sit in class.

It is nice to be back in Houston, ohh how I missed Mattress Mac, Marvin Zindler, and my Astros (anyone want to take me to opening day? :). I wonder what airline they use...

Hugs and kisses,

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