Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Day Two

Fear not, you haven't missed anything, there was no Day One report. I'll include that in this, too. Feel better? May I continue?

Ok, then. Sunday... we'll call that day .5 since all that occurred was checking into the hotel and meeting my new heterosexual life mate for the next four weeks. Her name is Gabriella, we call her Gaby. She calls me meha, as her daughter's name is (you guessed it) Cecilia. She's super nice and down to earth, as we were unpacking she announced her belongings and told me I could borrow them at anytime. Of course, I told her if she touched anything of mine, I'd kick her ass.
I was slightly concerned that two curly headed females attempting to get ready for the same class would be a nitemare every morning, but our schedule is flawless. The alarm emits it's shrill beep at 5am, I go downstairs for coffee (bigger cups than the ones provided in the room) and smoke a "Good morning" cigarette. By the time I make it back up to the third floor, she's out of the shower and it's my turn to jump in.
Instead of squishing ourselves on the Holiday Inn shuttle we hop in Otis and cruise just up the street to Continental's training center. We arrive 30 minutes before class starts so we have plenty of time to eat the nasty bagged breakfast (I've never heard/imagined such a thing). I only eat a small teeth endangering granola bar and fruit, unless it's red apples... cuz only witches like those and I give the Fruit Loops to whomever will accept them... freaks.
Day one was more of an orientation than class. Very long and boring. The highlight was definitely meeting President and CEO Jim Ream who has a killer sense of humor and spoke very freely and frankly. He was not shy with the "S word"... but didn't use it gratuitously, either. I think the fact that you just wouldn't expect that language from that guy was the only reason anyone noticed it. Either way, he was a really funny guy. Gaby and I met two girls, Lili and Estella who have become our study buddies. They all speak Spanish, so I'll know the material bilingually. OK, not really... but I've learned some really fun curse words.
Day two was much better. The interaction kept us awake as opposed to sponging the previous day. We got our seniority numbers- there are 51 people I must kill to move to the top of the list. We got our first homework assignment (I finished in record time, but then again, only two of our study group speak the language used in the assignment.) and reviewed material for our first test tomorrow. 100 questions, multiple choice. 85% and better passes.
Haven\'t really met many other people I can converse with. I\'m fairly surprised and disappointed that the majority of the other trainees just don\'t seem to have the sense they were born with. But they\'re all sweet, bless their dumb little hearts.I suppose that is all I have to report at this point and time. If you\'re lucky I\'ll send similar reports daily.


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