Saturday, November 24, 2007

Back to the drawing board

Jay has informed me that Doogie Howser is gay. I guess I won't be stalking him after all.

So, I'm going to miss the employee holiday party. I'm 75% relieved 25% curious/bummed. But, I think it really is for the better... I don't need to over do it and make an ass of myself in front of the hourlies. Plus, I'm going down to H-Tizz for Jacey's party... so really I'm 95% excited and 5% curious.


MamaNoFun said...

You weren't aware that Doogie is playing for the other team??? I guess there are things you have to learn from your friends, mothers just don't teach that kinda stuff.

Hey... it is nearly the end of the month, you did very well on your blog this month!!! Congratulations!

Double C said...

No, I knew that. I was being silly. Sometimes sarcasm doesn't translate well in text form.

Thanks! And now to do some editting so it appears that I made a post every day. Ya ain't cheatin'... ya just ain't tryin'.

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