Monday, January 5, 2009

Frequent Flier Miles at the Bar?!?

I know I've talked a whole mess of shit about Southwest Airlines in the past, mainly about their boarding process, calling them Greyhound with wings. If you're unfamiliar with SWA, their boarding procedure used to be a free for all. They don't assign seats to passengers. You weren't able to check in until you arrived at the gate, and when they announced boarding and the jetway was bombarded by idiots thinking if they boarded first it would somehow make them better than the other 200 passengers going to the same damn place. It was just a huge mess.

They must read my blog, because they completely changed their boarding process, allowing passengers to check-in on line 24 hours in advance (like all other airlines) and they created 'boarding groups' eliminating the mass rush to the jetway. It completely changed the whole SWA experience. So, I gave them another chance, signed up for their "Rapid Rewards Program" and flew about 10 times with them last year.

I told you that to tell you this: They just introduced a new branch of their Rapid Rewards Program just for people like me that don't want to get a SWA Credit Card, but would still like to earn points for spending money on things other than SWA flights. It's the Rapid Rewards Dining program, where you register your credit/debit cards and earn 1/4 of a point for every $100 you spend at quailifying restaurants, bars, and clubs.

I know what you're thinking, 1/4 of a point? Laaaame. Well, here's where you're wrong. It only takes 16 points to get a free flight. The program is still fairly new, so new establishments are being added frequently. They just added Stars, not my favorite bar, but I'll go there for free flight credits. I'm going there tonight to watch the UT game.

If they add Los Cucos and Einsteins, I'd have free flights for life.

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