Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Dreams

I have been having some very odd, vivid dreams recently. The first stemmed from one of my best friends having a birthday and this was the first in several years that we didn't travel to Las Vegas to celebrate.

In the dream, I was visiting him at his home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where he owns a bar. But, he had decided to change the business model from a swanky niteclub to a frozen daiquiri bar. In a ski town. He had already concocted a few specialty cocktails- the Catfish (my nickname for him) was Dreamsicle flavored with a frozen cherry flavored floater. It featured a cherry jello shot in the shaped of a fish "swimming" in the bottom and was topped with six cherries, the stems were the whiskers. It was really quite beautiful.

I attempted to dissuade him from moving forward with this new venture, but he had already purchased 15 frozen daiquiri machines.

The second strange dream stems from falling asleep watching Chelsea Lately and waking up to a Charlie Sheen special. Last time I fall asleep watching E!

In the dream, I met Charlie Sheen at a mall, he asked my opinion of a shirt he was considering purchasing and we just started talking. He invited me to go to a summer camp with him. You can't turn down an offer like that... so, we went to camp. We went horseback riding and made crafts. At one point we took an innocent bubble bath together, because that's what you do at summer camp with Charlie Sheen. Duh. We became great friends and he cried when camp was over. He was a really nice guy in the dream, I woke up feeling sorry for him.



Almost all my recent dreams have been about a zombie apocalypse, and I don't even know why. Haven't played a zombie game/watched a zombie movie in atleast a couple months. But they are all really crazy and awesome, so I'm not really complaining

Amish said...

I recently had a dream about Charlie Sheen too. Does this mean I'm winning?

LigerLily said...

Dreams are so interesting, thanks for sharing!

kaboomix said...

I was totally expecting Charlie Sheen to persuade you to bang 7 gram rocks with him at camp..

Unrelated Randomness

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Anonymous said...

I like this site^-^

Anonymous said...

I like it very much!

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