Sunday, June 4, 2006

Is that necessary?

Tomorrow nite I will be in Agauscalientes, Mexico at the Fiesta Americana Hotel. When I actually get a chance to see my schedule more than 2 hours before it starts, I like to go to the hotel's website to see what it's like and what they offer (free breakfast, fitness center, internet, etc). The rates start at $109 per nite, so you know it's going to crazy nice. Check out some of the ridiculous ammenities:

1. Pharmacy/Souvenir shop. Your one stop shop for vicodin and festive pinata to stuff them into...?

2. 24 Hour Hair Dresser. Of course, after a few purchases from the pharmacy, I might find this less odd.

3. Cell Phone Rental. Could be useful for drunk dialing...

4. Wedding Services. I will try my best to come back to Houston without investigating this one. But... I make no promises.

5. On site on call Doctor. For after I OD on my souvenirs.

The best part... next door.... there is a BULL RING! Maybe I'll marry a matador...

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