Saturday, December 16, 2006

I can't believe you peed in the parking lot of Good Times

Week in review:

Drove to Austin Saturday night to see my Rhondy! Rhondy and I got some alone time before meeting her friends for her Birthday party and had dinner at Champions where we sang along (loudly) to the Queen ringtone of the guy who didn't like to answer his phone at the next table. From our table, and without acknowledgement, we also joined their conversation about Buzzard Preservation. (We're Pro-Buzzard) This is before we started drinking.

Enter Sixth street, a magical land where pretty ladies are corralled into bars for free shots. The smoking ban doesn't bother me in Austin because you spend as much time outside deciding which bar you're going to next as you do actually in the bars. At least it doesn't bother me now, last summer when it was a hundred and ten degrees at midnight, it was unacceptable. A few of the bars seemed desperate enough to keep people in to buy another drink that they let us dirty degenerate smokers light up. Cue Iron Maiden. "Breakin' the law... breakin' the law".

Sunday, the weather was crappy for driving and I was all hopped up after watching the Texans/Titans game (Woooo!) so I decided to stay another night. Monday I drove to the OKT, repacked and made it to the airport just in time to grab a seat on the last plane to Denver.

Tuesday we had lunch at a really good pizza place on Broadway. If I could remember the name I would recommend the spinach pizza. Weido and I met my good friend Scott at Wymans for a few drinks, where Scott hurt my feelings, no my soul, by saying that Good Times is better than Whataburger. I'm afraid Weido and I weren't good company as we were both easily distracted by ESPNs year in sports countdown and then running from TV to TV to determine what the hell the Astros were trading Willy Taveras, Taylor Buchholz, and Jason Hirsh for. Two pitchers from the Rockies, as it turns out. Boo. Then Weido took me to Good Times because I had never had one of their burgers, even though I had just been involved in a lengthy dispute about them. Whataburger is better. Good Times has awesome fries, though. But no one goes to Whataburger for fries! Either way, the rest of my time in Denver I had to listen to Weido tell me how awesome Scott is.

Then we met Travis back at the house to watch Talladega Nights because everytime I told someone that I hadn't seen it yet, they yelled, "You have to see it! You'll love it." Eh. Raquela, Rachel, and Erin met us and we went in search of my friends and found some of them at Cheers. No, not that Cheers- although almost everyone knew my name. Our group immediately commandeered all the gaming tables- I spent most of the night throwing darts, but took a break to let someone else win and played pool with the kitchen guys. Travis made a new friend in some crackhead that spontaneously yelled "WAAAAH!" at the beginning and end of every sentence and my sweet rear end made a new friend that followed me around buying me drinks. He was annoying and at one point I think someone told him Weido was my boyfriend so he would quit slappin' my ass. Goodbye free drinks.

On the way home we stopped to get doughnuts for the girls and found the greatest breakfast burrito EVER. EVER. I want to go to Denver right now to get one. Then we watched Talladega nights again. Ha! (it's funny when you've been drinking).

I didn't do much on Weds because what good is a vacation if you don't actually take some time to relax. We (and by we I mean Travie and Kenny G) did get a futon for Weido ("That's pure comfort right there") and I picked up a pizza and watched Talladega Nights with Kenny G. The kids in that movie are phenomenal.

Thursday, Travie was kind enough to wake up at 5:30 to drive me to the airport before his class and I finally made it to the OKT just before 4pm after a two hour divert to Austin due to fog in Houston. Laundry, repack, back to the airport. I'm in Chattanooga now. Some day I will spend more than 12 hours in the OKT. And thanks again to Travie and Mark for taxiing me around all week and to Scott for meeting us and for the drinks! (my tab was pretty cheap, so I'm assuming you paid for some)

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