Monday, December 4, 2006

Two down... Seven to go

So, I'm sitting on the couch in the living room drinking a beer with Rhonda and Goo when Lestat comes over and lays down next to me. I begin to pet her and see something on her chest- I'm wearing my glasses with a really old prescription so things aren't exactly in a crystal clear focus- but it looks like an open wound. I jump up screaming, "There's something on her!", and run away from it- yelling for someone to look at the "thing".

It is an open wound a little larger than an eraser that we've decided is a GSW. (That's gun shot wound for those of you that don't watch ER) (Or Golden State Warriors if you're an NBA fan.) We've also decided that Crazy Neighbor Guy is the GSWer (gun shot wounder) as he as often bragged about shooting at the Pearson's two deaf, blind and decrepit dogs and any other critter that comes onto his property to "educate them". Does shooting at domestic pets make this guy feel good about himself? Isn't that kind of like going hunting at a petting zoo?

We've decided he should pay the vet bill. And possibly be shot at himself.

Poor kitty has had a rough year. (See post: Kitty ER)


MamaNoFun said...

Good news!

It is NOT a GSW.

$83.50 later we determine it was a "Bot Fly Larvae".... they live under the skin until they are ready to hatch and they pop out leaving an eraser sized hole in the skin.
Treat with neosporin.
Suggest we treat for worms which means you must buy flea preventative... throw in a $7.50 rabies vaccine to make her legal in the City of Katy.... it sure adds up FAST.
Le$tat is fine!

Double C said...

Good news! Disgusting news, but good...

I still say we fire a few rounds at Crazy Neighbor Guy.

Also... the s in Lestat is NOT capitalized.

Double C said...

Also... I bet Capt'n is pi$$ed off. I'll pay for it... fuck knows we can adpot a dirty New Orleans dawg, but forbid we pay for the animals some of us actually love (and chose to love us, that sneaky fat baby) to live.

Anonymous said...

Soooooooooo....have you seen any strange looking flies in your house? Where'd they hatch to? That is just plain gross.
Me thinks me detects a tad bit of resentment from mother of BK.

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