Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dallas Fashion

I used to think that the idea that Dallas was still heavily populated by debutantes and old oil money was silly, but with these arctic conditions brings the fur coats out of the closet and over her shoulders to let everyone know "I have a fur." It's not every day you see a fur coat, so when you do it leaves an impression. It is always the same type of women- her hair has been done. Done for years, but she hasn't given up on it. Her make-up is prevalent. And red. Her husband is scared. I'm not sure if these women want to be admired and possibly envied for their fur, but I'm thinking that they do.

I would never wear a fur, I think they are very pretty, and I hear they are warmer than a Laredo parking lot in August, but I wouldn't feel right. It's not the killing of soft cuddly animals, that's fine we can do that, I just wouldn't want the attention. I think maybe you could wear a fur to the opera or ballet. Or to a pornography convention. Or if you're hunting a hundred or so dalmatians. And apparently to Love Field in Dallas, Texas.

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Anonymous said...

January 17th is your last post. It's been too long. Get with it!
Your fans are waiting!

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