Saturday, September 15, 2007

Coffee makes me happy

I'm in the office counting the deposit and I hear a few whistles growing closer and then the lead cook knocks on the open door and peeks in, my staff has learned to 'warn' me. I startle easily and scream loudly.

"Good morning!"

"Ceci, we have a problem."

"Yo, I'll solve it." Oh, I crack myself up, but just how do I explain a Vanilla Ice joke to a Mexican? "Sorry, it's a white thing. A really, really white thing. What's up?"

He points to Imelda's feet- she's wearing flip flops. Now, your first reaction may be "What the hell? Why would someone in the restaurant business wear flip flops?" Well, because we spend 86 hours a day on our feet and the commute is much better in flip flops. So now you're thinking, "Ok, but surely you'd remember your work shoes." You'd think so. I'm not going to lie, I have forgotten my shoes before, which is why I keep extra pairs in Otis.

I kick off my tennis shoes and socks and poor size five Imelda's feet nearly step right out of them with their first step. We stuff them with toilet paper and I run out to Otis to retrieve my back up shoes. My three inch heel back up shoes.

Nothings better for cred or tips than running a busy lunch in three inch heels. Word to your mother.

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