Wednesday, January 2, 2008

There will be no year in review.

OK, so you have to start a new year by giving a month by month break down of the previous year. You have to. It's rule #14 in the Blogger's Handbook.

I intended to make such a post, but going through my notes and jogging my memory... everything seemed pretty damn depressing. So, there will be no month by month breakdown. Here's the highlights (in no particular order)

Finally took at vacation with Rhondy! We went to Vegas and had a blast despite me being deathly ill and her losing her ID.

My baby brother graduated from college.

I became general manager of a restaurant I had only worked at for a few months.

I got to be a groomslady in one of my best friend's wedding.... and I met Kyle.

Threw a kick ass surprise party for my parents' 50th birthday.

I played pool with Rhondy (she's helping me with this list)

I completed NaBloPoMo.

OK, that's all we can think of. Feel free to add something we may have forgotten.

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