Friday, April 25, 2008

Dear Physician's Formula, (revisited)

Being prom season, I couldn't make any last minute appointments to get a hair cut, so I went over to Ulta as a walk-in. The girl that cut my hair was really nice and funny, but she massacred my hair. I asked for a trim, just to knock of the nasty ends. I left six inches of hair on the floor.

It wouldn't be as bad if it the humidity wasn't 110% all summer which makes it curl tighter and poof. I think attempting to straighten it would be a vast waste of time. You know it's bad when your own father's response is: "Well, it (long pause) looks good."

Sigh. At least it grows quickly.

Anywhoo, after the slaughter, I browsed the store and stumbled upon F.L.A.T mascara! It was actually packaged as a "free gift" with F.L.A.T. eyeliner. So, for the low, low price of $5.95 I got new eyeliner AND mascara! I wonder if they're packaging it this way to get rid of the mascara because they are going to discontinue it or to get people to try it. I like Tink's idea of stocking up, problem is I'll have enough eyeliner to start a KISS cover band.

Maybe I should write an actual letter to Physician's Formula to find out. Hmm.

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