Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dear Rhondy,

Why don't you enable google talk? I get so excited to see that you're online, but then I see the little red circle that tells me you mustn't be disturbed. Can you not 'rock me like a hurricane' and chat with me at the same time? Do you even realize that you have made yourself unavailable? Don't you know that I have a sad, boring life and need you to entertain me?

I demand answers.

Thank you,


Ducky said...

It's not that I'm blocking you! There are about ten other people who I don't want to know when I'm online. Besides, I leave gmail up almost constantly anyway. Just assume I'm always here, hiding. Except when I'm at work.

Jacey said...

Rhondy's a sneaky one.

Double C said...

I didn't think you were blocking me... At least I hoped you weren't.

When I see people with the red dot, I usually wait for them to message me because I don't think they want to be disturbed. From now on... I'm disturbing you! ;)

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