Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dear You,

Yeah. YOU. What the hell?!? I've been blogging my ass off for months and you either haven't been reading or you don't love me enough to throw a random comment at me every now and then. I even have it set up so that you can comment with out having to register for anything. Because I care.

Some of you told me you didn't comment because I didn't directly invite you to the blog and you felt odd about it. I've got a link to this public blog on every other site I use! Because I want you to read it and tell me how much you love me! So, knock it off and start commenting or I'll stop posting again and you'll harass me about how long it's been since I've updated my blog (I'm looking at you, RhoJo).


MamaNoFun said...

OMG..... Guilty as charged... not for the not loving you part, but for not making this a regular stop on my daily email adventure. It is better than cocktails for getting me to giggle.

Ducky said...

I actually added your blog to my blog. It's on my sidebar on my page. I mistakenly counted on it to tell me when you updated. Up until today, it said that you hadn't posted anything new since "Why I am glad this month is over". But now I know better.

Jacey said...

I'm about to add you to my sidebar as well.

You're cute when you're angry. ;)

ceebee said...

Guilty also but it's your mom's fault for not reminding me earlier. :-) Keep on writing, Ceci, and I promise to read more often!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I love you.

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