Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Caped Crusader

I don't want to talk about it.

I haven't seen it.

I WANT to see it.

I have a rule... no going to the theater unless it's Star Wars or Kevin Smith.

Shit, I didn't even see the new Indy in the theaters and I clearly love me some Harrison Ford/Lucas/Spielberg.

I was telling the 'kids' at work that I vividly remember standing IN LINE for the Tim Burton Bat Man when I was a kid. KID... seven? eight?... at the same (albeit newly revamped) theater that they are watching this phenomenon. I'd never stood in line for a movie before, and I still remember thinking that it was a BIG deal. I still have a button/pin somewhere from that. I loved that movie then for those reasons, and now for others.

Of course, the kids poke fun of me for this. First for being "old" and secondly for being a clost geek. If they only knew that I lay my head on a Return of the Jedi pillow case every night and wake up to brush my teeth with a Pac-Man glass.


1 comment:

MamaNoFun said...

re: I still have a button/pin somewhere from that.

Ohhhhhhhh...... I think it is in one of the boxes I put in your garage on Thursday. OR, it could be in the load that is in my garage waiting for pick up... but I did see your collection of buttons!! Pretty awesome. When you unpack that box I believe it will be great fodder for many future blogs!

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