Friday, November 21, 2008

If you can't beat 'em...

Ok, I obviously gave up on the NaBloMoPo. Sigh.

Saturday is my last day at work. I'm off to new adventures. I'll give you more details as they develop. Instead, enjoy a funny story about work yesterday.

The servers, out of boredom, turned on each other. It was all in good fun, unless you're the manager trying to keep them under control.

Snaking tables resulted in cups of water being thrown. And as we all know, the only way to really 'get back' at someone for dousing you with water is to take their camera from their purse and take a picture of your penis. Don't worry, he washed his hands.

The girls retaliated by throwing a cup of flour at penis picture guy. Which resulted in him rubbing his flour-body all over the smaller girl while tickling the piss out of her.

The girls managed to take every tip off his tables, probably because he was too distracted sending obscene texts with one of their phones to everyone in their address book. I know this, because I got one.

Somehow, the girls ended up getting into penis picture guy's vehicle and filling it with plastic forks... and hanging a pair of underwear from his antenna. Fantastic stuff really. But, I started to feel like I might have something to offer this little prank war. So, today.... it's on.

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ceebee said...

Good luck with the new adventures!

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