Monday, January 19, 2009

Fan Wars and Roger Creager (revised)

I had a fairly busy weekend and I missed a few days, and I can live with that. I'm not going to post date.

Robin and I have a pretty intense Fan War going on over at the book. You may be confused because a week ago she surrendered, naming me champion. I'm confused, too. But, I'm a good sport, so I'll allow the rematch.

I think it all started because Robin lives about 2,281 miles away (that's what Google Maps tells me, anyway) so we IM often, usually late at night after (or while) drinking and random things that would fail to interest or amuse anyone else is hilarious as f..k to us. Actually, the same could be said of us when we're sober.

So, basically we search facebook for things to become fans of... random and unusual is encouraged, lying is discouraged. I still question her new found fondness of lions. I know it's only amusing to us, and I'm sorry if we've been blowing up your newsfeed with notifications like "Robin has just become a fan of Everything" followed by "Ceci has just become a friend of Everything And More!". It keeps us pretty busy.

I also went with my BFF Rhondy to El Campo to see Roger Creager. It was Rhondy's first time and I think I made a believer of her. It was fricking awesome. It's a public blog so these are the only details you get: We made new friends, almost stole a school bus, had a fan pointed at me, and Rhondy learned to dance. Not in that order. Check the pictures on the book. Sorry, myspace.

ETA: As I was writing this, a brilliant idea came to me. So perfectly brilliant that I couldn't believe that neither of us had thought of it earlier. I made a fan page for Robin. Then I giggled for about 30 minutes until she got home, logged into the book, and saw "Ceci became a fan of Robin". Seconds later I received the congratulatory IM. So, it's officially over. I am the undefeated champion of a game I created. Of course, Robin then made a fan page for me...


Anonymous said...

It ain't over until... it's over.

Jacey said...

Hilarious! I was wondering about you two.

Double C said...

Yeah, sorry... It is over, but I see that all the fandom is still showing up in the feed. I checked the settings and apparently you can't stop fb from broadcasting the announcements. It should stop soon, I hope.

In the meantime, you can become fans of me and Robin if you like. hehe

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