Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mexican Jumping Beans by Ceci & Robin

Ceci: Be funny so I can just cut and paste our IMs like back in the day
robin: Haha oh jesus
No pressure
Ceci: aaaand, go!
robin: Ok
So, um

15 minutes later:
Robin: I bought these Mexican jumping beans at the Houston airport
as I was flying out
Ceci: hahah
Robin: 3 came in a box
I named them Eli, Ichabad and Jennifer
Jennifer is dead
Ceci: Those aren't Mexican names
Robin: Eli is still kicking it when it gets warm
Like right now
I hear him
Ceci: I think you're doing it wrong
Robin: I'm sure I am
Ceci: How did Jennifer die?
Robin: Well... it got really cold here
I tried to keep them warm, but she was the smallest
and you're supposed to water them once a week
I might have lapsed on that
Ceci: What?
Robin: Yeah
They're caterpillars. Really...
They can't dry out
Ceci: Shut up!
Real ones?
Robin: Yeah
Ceci: I'm googling this
Robin: I had to research it
They're pretty cool
Ceci: But apparently not cool enough to properly care for
Robin: Shut up!
I'm a busy person
This is the company that I bought them from
They play REALLY annoying music
You must listen to
Ceci: They're sold out! I have to wait until June to get some!
Robin: I know
I'm going to buy more then
Ceci: They also sell coffee....
Robin: oh jesus
I wouldn't drink it
Jennifer's relatives
Ceci: Moth eggs!
Robin: Are in it
Ceci: Are in what?
Robin: coffee
Ceci: You put them in coffee??
Robin: NO!
Ceci: That can't be good
Robin: I'm just assuming
Ceci: You said "Jennifer's relatives are in it"
Are in what?
Robin: coffeee!
Ceci: Wait
I think I get it now
Robin: My god
Ceci: You're saying they put
Robin: About fucking time
Ceci: Hahah
Robin: Hahaha
Ceci: Rejected moth eggs in the coffee
Robin: Good
Ceci: Right?
Robin: Yes
Reject it
Ceci: OK. I'm with you now
Robin: Don't take it
Say no to jumping bean coffee
Ceci: Hahah, but...
Yeah, it's probably better not to
Robin: Only Eli jumps
I think I killed the other one
Damn it
They were $2
Ceci: How do you keep killing them?
Robin: Well... they weren't supposed to live beyond Dec
Ceci: Oh
Robin: and it's not exactly Mexico climate here
Ceci: Well, then... Congrats!
Robin: haha thanks


Anonymous said...

haha! I need to make a video of Eli for you. He's still jumpin'!

Double C said...

You better hurry!

Jacey said...

This is hilarious. Thanks. You made my Friday.

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