Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rhondy is Magic

When we were at the bar in El Campo, freezing under the ac vent and waiting for Creager to come on, Rhondy asked me what ever happened to my BFF Travi. I told her he went MIA a few years ago, I found his twin brother on myspace a couple years ago and he had no idea where he was. Every couple months I search the book and the space to see if he's gone public again, but hadn't had any luck. Then I felt sad, because I miss him so much, and guilty because I should've called his mom and had coffee with her. She's a cool lady. We did a shot toasting Travi, hoping he was well.

Less than 24 hours later, I'm in the middle of the heated fan war, when I notice I have a message in my inbox. IT'S FROM TRAVI! He's back in Houston! The next day, I talked to him on the phone and I can't tell you what it felt like to hear his voice again.

I tell Rhondy that I found him (or he found me) and she says, "You're welcome." Heheh, I love Rhondy.

We're going to meet at happy hour today and I'm so excited I might piss myself.

Totally unrelated: I think Diane Sawyer is throwing her hat into the 'Craziest Morning Show Correspondent' race. Willard Scott and Al Roker better watch their asses.


MamaNoFun said...

I think Diane Sawyer sounds a little tipsy in a couple of those. She is also, indeed, Chic and Functional.
Yeah. that's right.

Anonymous said...

Wow. She and Paula Abdul must be hanging out. She was wasted.

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