Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brace Yourself for Dorkiness Overload

Rhondy got a new web cam. Naturally, I wanted to get in on this. So, I'm calling out Rhondy, Robin (you can use puppets), and Jacey and declaring a video blogging war. Because anything worth doing is worth over doing.

Warning: this is probably only slightly humorous to Rhondy (or maybe to you if you watch hers first, but probably not). If you're at work or around kids, although I was making a conscious effort not to drop the F Bomb, I do say "shit" a few times.

And, of course, the follow up. It's dark. Sorry.

Also, Auggie has been posting videos!


MamaNoFun said...

#1 Vidiblog...You are beautiful! Even Captain noticed that your make up and hair were impeccable! We are thankful you did not pan to Auggie when she "pooped" and admire your finesse at avoiding interior shots (yes, I know what kind of house keeper you are even if you don't document it). BTW, $10 x 2 weeks = $140... even I can do that math.
#2 Vidiblog... Apologies for Darkness? It is just the lighting or does your make up look like that photo Tara has of her Kate's maiden make up application.
Regardless, you make dorkiness a desired art form. Love you!
(lose the cigs in your blogs... Blech!)

Double C said...

#1- Thank you for noticing and thanks for passing on the 'beautiful gene'. Robin's first comment was that I SHOULD have shown Auggie making a poop.

#2- It's the lighting!

Unknown said...

I am at work...............somehow found my way to your blog...from Faebook , I assume.................and I just almost pee'd all over myself laughing at your hilarious dork azz...........gawd almighty , I miss you & your family. I will be totally immersed in reading the rest of your blog.........I may decide to go ahead and retire.......cuz It will take up all my time at get caught up !! ha !!

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