Sunday, April 2, 2006

Days Four and Five

I sat staring at this blank screen for a few minutes trying to figure out what i did today and what was yesterday. I think I figured it out.

Yesterday we actually got to get on the simulator... it's part of an actual plane that used to be the pilots' training aircraft, but one of those crazy pilots tore a wing off so they finished modifying it for him and put it inside our building. It is TINY! But all the seats are first class. All leather, all ample leg room. But, even for a midget like myself, the cabin is pretty low. I think I need to get pumps with a lower heel.

We also got to pick our uniforms, which wasn't very well planned. They could only accommodate five at a time and we had to wait until after class to begin... so we were already pretty worn out and close to cranky. I was supposed to be in the second group that went in, but the uniform lady decided to take all 5 guys in the class instead of us because guys typically take a quarter of the time that a group of girls would.

I joked that she didn't know those guys or she never would have thought that. Damn it, I hate it when I'm right. Those boys spent over an hour and a half trying on uniforms! As we were waiting, I told the four girls going in with me that I'm not shy and asked if they would mind if I just changed right in the main room since there are only two dressing rooms. We all agreed that that would be the easiest and fastest way to accomplish the uniform selection.

When the pretty boys FINALLY selected their uniform (They only have like 3 options as opposes to the girls' 20) the five of us rushed into the room and listened to the Uniform Fairy give us a run down of our options, sizing, and where everything was located. "We only have two dressing rooms, but if you're comfortable changing..." she looks at me and I'm already stripped down to my bra and undies. "OK, I guess we're comfortable!" Thanks to our spectacular coordination (throwing clothes to each other from across the room) and brutal honesty ("Girl, I just can't let you walk around looking like that. Take it off NOW.") my group finished in under 20 minutes. I hear the last group didn't leave for another 3 hours after we did. I saw the Uniform Fairy in the hall today and she told me that of all the groups in all the years she's been doing this we were one of her favorite groups. I must admit we were being pretty silly... but we didn't waste any time doing it.

Today was emergency equipment day! We got to play with all kinds of fun things and even took a "field trip" to Continental's in-flight training center to use Halon fire extinguishers on live fires. Kind of scary to know how many people couldn't do it or took a very long time. I pinched my hand, but still made great time. We also got to put on life jackets and pull the tabs to inflate them... yeah, I screamed. Those things have co2 and inflate INSTANTLY and loudly. I guess those were the most exciting items we played with... I mean trained on.

We also got our Observation Flight assignment... everyone got really short flights an hour or less, with only 30 mins down and then back... only being away 3 hours tops. Except me. I have to go to Des Moines. Flight is over 2 hours, 2 hours down, then back. I told my roommate I'd get a postcard for her from my vacation. Des Moines! I can't believe it. The good news is, everyone else will be on capacity flights while there are 8 confirmed passengers one way and 20 the other. I'll get to sit by myself. Bwahaha.

People are dropping like flies. If Gaby and I are counting correctly (probably not) we've lost 12 people this week, unfortunately Estella was one. She left today. At least I'll have a better chance of getting Houston as my domicile...

I met two of Gaby's daughters and her husband tonight... they brought Gaby roses and some white flowers that very well could be a Lilly and a very sweet card encouraging her to hang tough. They're just so proud of her and miss her so much it's really cute. Her husband invited us to a barbque on a weekend that Gaby easy schedules. Really sweet family.

I guess that's about all... Oh, we've taken 3 tests and I've spanked all of them with high 90s. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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