Sunday, April 2, 2006

Day Six- Observation Flight

I just returned from beautiful Des Moines, Iowa... if you ever get the chance to take a two hour layover there, don't. No, it wasn't that bad... there was no one there, but nothing to do, either.

My first flight was nice, the FA did pretty much everything they told us we should do and she even let me help her with the service. I gave everyone a muffin. :) It was nice, because I deplaned last and a lot of customers thanked me as they passed.

The second FA was a whole different breed of lazy. She didn't do any of the required checks, she gave everyone a bag of pretzels (to be more accurate, she walked down the aisle and asked people to grab a pouch from the large bag catering brings aboard) and drinks then sat down next to me and talked until the pilot gave the signal for final descent. She didn't collect trash until after she had instructed everyone to return tray tables to their upright position. Not very impressive.

I did get all of the gossip from her, though. She says that COEX FAs are dropping like flies. Going to bigger carriers that travel internationally or staff more than one FA per flight. She says it's incredibly boring and lonely to work solo. However, I think I may like the solitude... at least for a little while, then I can take my experience and get a job with Southwest! ;)

A lot of you seem to be asking the same questions so I'm jus gonna run through a few of them now instead of answering them individually (Lili is going home in about 30 mins, so I won't have her laptop :)

- We're not doing the swimming with dummies drill. We don't even have life vests on board for passengers because we don't fly 50 plus miles over water. I have a life vest... you use your seat cushion.

-Yes, all the guys in my class are "a little light in the loafers" as Kerry would say.

- No, you cannot come to my graduation. Don't ask me why we bother to have one if it's only attended by our class and trainers... but we do. What a waste of make-up.

- Yes, most of the pilots ARE really cute. Come on down to the Holiday Inn and I'll hook ya up with one.

- No, the other Fa's are NOT really hot. But still feel free to come down and look for yourself.

- Most of the people being asked to leave have failed two exams. You get one chance to retake, after that if you fail you go home. A few have left for family emergencies.

I'm probably forgetting something... OK... everyone have a great weekend. Call me... come see me... email me.... I'm pretty freakin' bored. :) Have a great weekend!

May the force be with you.

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