Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Deep Thoughts

I scribbled this on the back of a Liquor Provisioning Form while sitting ARC in CLE a week or two ago.

Things I know:

-There are only two places it is acceptable to ask for a hot tea:
1. Starbucks.
2. England.

-Some people should be aware of the fact that they are no more important than anyone else and abusing people they feel are less than them is unacceptable.

-People who believe they know how things operate usually have the complete opposite idea of how things actually do.

- That feeling you get after stating the obvious... you really don't seem as idiotic as you feel. Multiply by 10.

Things I'm pretty damned sure of:

-Reading "Readers Digest" will automatically decrease your IQ. I've read more intelligent literature scribbled on bathroom stalls.

-People that complain about bad drivers are usually bad drivers themselves.

-Paying attention and following simple signs or instructions is beyond anyone over the age of eight.

-All of life's questions can be answered by lyrics of a Beatles' song. Or a Stones' song.

Things I don't understand:

-People that respond with exaggerated amazement when I say I'm not married. Is that meant to be a compliment?

-People that do not wear sunglasses.

-People that are disrespectful to police officers.

-Why hangovers worsen with age.

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