Monday, October 2, 2006

The joys of becoming a line holder

Tomorrow morning I am deadheading (getting paid to fly as a passenger) to Leon/Guanajuato, Mexico. We arrive at noon and stay for 18 hours- It's like crew scheduling is saying, "Hey, sorry about those five months you were on reserve. And all those times we made you sit ARC. Or made you fly to CLE and EWR to sit hotel reserve. Oh, and all those Monterrey turns. Haha. Oh, oh, oh and those 3:30am wake up calls to 'advise you' of a 5:30 show time for a Monterrey turn with a EWR flowthru to sit arc for 8 hours! It's a 14.45 hour duty day, so it's legal. Those really are our favorites. Anyhoo, sorry about all that. Here, have a nice relaxing deadhead and 18 hours to play in Mexico. Oh, and it's only a two day trip, so there's plenty of room in your suitcase to stock up on cheap booze, cigarettes, jewelry, etc (xmas shopping)."

Which is really nice of them because GODDAMN did they treat me like a ping pong ball in a wind tunnel! It actually got worse the closer I was to getting off of reserve. Now, I am freee! And they're sending me on a mini-vaca to Mexico to make up for it.

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