Wednesday, April 5, 2006


Oh jebus. I just stopped up the toilet and called maintenance and Gaby used her evacuation training to block the exit so I couldn't leave her alone to take the blame, she crossed her arms and yelled "This exit blocked! Turn around, go the other way!" I finally gave up, but by the time the guy finally shows up, we've got the damned giggles (you know how I do) so bad that we're both trying to blame the obstruction on the other, but are laughing and crying so hard that we can't get it out. Then it took the guy quite a while to remedy the problem which set us to giggling even harder.

Anyway... today was a good day. Everyone wished me lots of luck before the retake and was really sweet. Everyone passed! And everyone passed the new test today, also! Yea, us!

Today was emergency/abnormal situations, which basically meant we watched a bunch of nasty/depressing videos/news clips about plane crashes. Not the feel good lesson of the week. Tomorrow is hijacking which should be just as uplifting. The good news is that tomorrow is Positive Check-In... which means we need our pumps, passports, watches, company ID, manual, and flashlight. Wait, that's not the good news, the good news was that none of us had half of those things so after class, six of us jumped in Gaby's Explorer and took a "field trip" to Kohl's, Target, Payless, Famous Footwear, Deerbrook Mall, then Wal-Mart. We had entirely too much fun and probably received a few odd looks or comments, but we didn't even notice. I think we all needed to let loose and be silly.

People kept asking "Who are you with?" We had fun answering this one, too. We had the waiter at LUBYS!! (I've been deprived for almost 2 years) convinced that we were a professional co-ed soccer team called the Pythons from Des Moines (they're still making fun of me for having to fly there) and were in the World Championship Tournament at the Astrodome this weekend, and he should come root us on if he didn't have to work. There was a balloon animal "artist" there and the waiter had him make me a soccer ball. Too fun.

Now it's back to homework and studying.

Hugs and kisses,

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