Monday, November 6, 2006

One of those days

3:30 Put HUGE glob of lotion in hair thinking it was conditioner.

4:00 Hair dryer in hotel blew a fuse.

4:15 Snagged panty hose- huge run. Didn't pack an extra pair.

5:05 Van driver stepped on my foot and put run ..2 in panty hose.

5:55 Random pat down by smelly, touchy-feely old security guy.

6:20 Ramper drops 10lb bag of ice dangerously close to my feet- it breaks. we're at a hardstand- so it takes forever for them to go back to Ops and get a broom/dustpan and replacement bag. Even though I've told them 10 times I don't need ice. Even had the captain help me translate.

7:15 Drunk passenger upset because I explained to him twice that he could give me $20 for a beer, but I would not be giving him change. He wanted the beer anyway. Then proceeded to harass me the entire flight- tried to trip me or stood up and pretended to be looking for something in overhead everytime I walked down the aisle, elbowed me HARD in the back/ass everytime I stood behind his seat to talk to the pax behind him. Pushed me into galley cart- run ..3. Harassed everyone else on the flight-even woke sleeping pax- to find change.

8:30 Hair mostly dry.

8:55 Captain forgets Gen Decs on aircraft. Wait FOREVER for him to run back and get them.

9:05 Drunk pax sees the FO and I standing by the employee line (still waiting on the gendecs) and comes over to harass me some more.

9:06 Security steps in.

9:40 Car in employee lot splashes muddy water all over me: Hair, face, uniform.

10:15 Held up line at toll booth because one of my quarters, upon further inspection, was CANADIAN! Argh. Cars honk and yell while I frantically search for change in my cup holders and wallet.

10:20 Able to laugh about it.

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