Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fa la la la la... la la la laaaaaa!

So, tomorrow is Christmas Eve but it just doesn't feel like the holidays to me, when I'm doing PAs I keep saying, "Have a great weekend!" and when people get off a few of them wish me happy holidays and it's like, "Oh yeah! Happy Holidays!". I meant to get some candy canes or stickers to hand out to the half-weights, but didn't. Holiday pretzels for everyone!

Maybe it doesn't feel like the holidays because I usually begin preparations months in advance and this year I did all of my shopping in a matter of hours. I still think I did ok gift wise, I think everyone will be pleased, but I feel guilty for not doing more. And usually by this time I would be in Katy or Dallas with the whole family getting anxious and excited about mashed potatoes, and there would already be some smack talking between Taylor and I about the Wishbone Throw down, and if everyone would stay awake to play trivial pursuit. Because, honestly, save the potatoes that is one of my favorite family traditions- full contact boozed up Trivial Pursuit- and it seems like we haven't had "time" for it the past few years.

If I understand the agenda correctly, I'm not missing much by being in Mexico, other than water pressure. TW and crew weren't able to leave Denver until this morning and Gaki and Papa and Neal and Taylor aren't leaving to head to Katy until tomorrow. So, I'm not missing much.

Thanks to Miss Rhonda for letting me ship a last minute gift to her house, I suppose I should have asked you BEFORE I sent it, ha ha! I hear you also wrapped it for me! You're the best!

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MamaNoFun said...

Interestingly.... everyone took their time getting to our house for the family gathering because they knew it would not officially start until you got there!
And gift-wise... you came through with your typical panache... even if it was last minute. The magazine subscriptions were an instant hit that will last all year... Daddy's drill is perfect (what a deal!) the hors deuvres trays are GREAT and I love love love my crossword books... will keep my mind tarp as a shack! Daddy says the Neon Flamingo bar light will be turned on every day at Beer Thirty! A new tradition!
Thank you daughter, you are the best!

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