Friday, December 29, 2006

So much depends on the weather

We're lucky we made it in! DFW and Loooooove are cloooooosed! (very bumpy and nice light show going over) Apparently, Houston was closed for a while, but reopened. We landed and as soon as we parked, the rain came DOWN. San Antonio is out of control... the hotels are already at capacity due to the Alamo Bowl tomorrow (Iowa and UT, baby!) and they had an Air France Big Bad Mamma Jamma divert here... that's about 300 hundred people... on top of several other 200+ capacity jets we saw parked randomly on the tarmac. They're sending the passengers to high schools and emergency shelters! Can you imagine coming back from France, thinking you're going to Dallas to go to home, or connect home... then diverting to San Antonio and sleeping in a high school gym? Hopefully they hit duty free and can drink themselves into a good night. Or a bonne nuit, as those French froggy bastards might say.

Glad we don't have to be there bright and earlier to watch that catastrophe unfold.

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