Thursday, December 7, 2006

I haven't peed since Grand Rapids

Bad day... bad day. There are very strict regulations flying into Washington Dc (and out) and apparently it's been too long since the vast majority has been petrified into submitting to FAA and they think they are under the impression that because they are white and own a suit that they are above Federal Law and can do what they please.

Not on my boat.

I do not care who you are. What color/religion/whattheshitever you are. If you stand up and approach the flight deck after you have been told 8 times not to... haha... you will be reminded that interfering with crew member's instructions is a federal violation.

It's the nation's capital. Do NOT test me. I am hostile. And PMSing. And go ahead and dismount before complaining to a gate agent at DCA that you were not allowed to potty because they will recite the same FAA guideline I memorized. FEDERAL LAWS are FEDERAL LAWS. Piss when the seatbelt sign is off, or meet Washington DC's finest. I'm sorry that you make poor decisions. But it's law, and you knew that would be the case before we shut the door.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully, he held his grand "rapids" or you would have had a helluva mess to clean up. THAT would be my definition of a bad day.

Anonymous said...

...and note to Double C: This is NOT the way to succeed with men.

MamaNoFun said...

I think the key words here are.... "And PMSing" ???

Do you inquire whether they have a medical condition that you can verify with their doctor? I mean, we ARE human beings, we DO have bouts of diarrhea, incontinence and on occasion, too much to drink. (I've only heard about the latter, of course). Surely there is room in the FEDERAL LAW to allow for a person not to sit in their seat and have diarrhea... even if the seat belt sign is on?

Hopefully now that you have been in San Antone for 24 hours you have peed?

Double C said...

Yeah, there was actually a guy with diabetes that needed to tinkle and I called the CA and he turned the seatbelt sign off for him to use it at the beginning of the flight.

The other guy was just an asshole. He wanted to after we had already started our decent and it was bumpy as shit and it just wasn't safe or enough time to turn the sign off. i also had issues with him and his electronic device.

Anonymous said...

You should've told him that's what Depends are for, yo.

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