Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Didn't she say, "No, no, no"?

So, Amy Winehouse is in rehab? This makes me happy, only because I really enjoy bad media puns. I can't wait. Please feel free to share any good ones you hear/read.

For the record, this is what I know about Amy Winehouse. I like her voice. That song is catchy, but I haven't heard it enough to know any more than the chorus. She has crazy hair and a few tattoos. That is all. Also, I think she's British.

Ok, enough about that... for now... bwahaha

I hope the manager meeting gets out at a reasonable time, I would like to go get my invisible eyebrows waxed. Also, I took a day off yesterday at the insistence of one of the owners. This makes me slightly uneasy, because she worked for me yesterday. I expect a list of things to do when I get in this morning. Also, a list of things not to do. Fun!

Also, just thought I'd mention... it's frickin hot as hades in Dallas! Been hitting over 100 for about a week now. Boooooo!

Have a great day, kids!

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