Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This day in Ceci History:

Lifted from LJ January 29, 2002

I freaking love Iron Chef! Has anyone else ever seen this show? They cook
the most disgusting foods, but I'm still mesmerized. Of course, to prove me
wrong, today the 'secret ingredient' was CHEESE! Hooray for cheese! I eat
cheese! Ohh... not like that though... crazy asian chefs. NO!

Last nite I was guilted into going to the Aeros with Janice. Ugh. Honestly, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, but the game was just really slow. It was a tie, and of course went into OT. Fun. The highlight was getting a puck! Except that it was a stupid practise puck and it doesn't have the team logo like the game pucks. Boo!!

I lifted this one just because it doesn't seem like Iron Chef has been around for freakin' six years. And a couple of weeks ago (I'm typing this in April because I'm a cheater) Jacey, Rhondy, and I were talking about the differences between the OG Iron Chef and the American one. Mainly that they could have the same ingredient on both shows and I wouldn't eat anything they came up with on the OG. Then we tried to come up with the silliest, most uninteresting ingredient they (American version) could ever come up with... Jacey says, "I don't know... Mangoes?" Thirty seconds later we are watching Iron Chef America: Battle Mango. Pretty much everything we said to the TV that day came true. It was spectacular.

Also, until I read it just now, I completely forgot about catching that hockey puck and I threw it away the last time I moved. Because it didn't have a team logo on it and I couldn't for the LIFE of me figure out why I was in possession of a hockey puck.

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