Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This day in Ceci History: "I'm not your stepping stone"

Lifted from LJ January 30, 2004

I was sitting on the floor in bargain, trying to pyramid, and talking to Ogden and I feel this foot kick my ass. I think that someone just accidentally backed into me or something. No, that's clearly not the case, because it doesn't stop. And Ogden has a look of disbelief/amusement on his face.

"Is someone stepping on me?"

Ogden nods.

"Why is someone stepping on me?"

Ogden shrugs.

I lean over my sholder and yell, "Hey, man! Don't step on me!"

He says, "Oh." and walks away.

WHAT THE HELL?!? No, seriously, what the hell kind of world do we live in when someone will step on you for like 30 damned seconds and doesn't even apologize?

Or even realize that he is stepping on someone's ass? I know he felt something under his foot and against his leg, but he never bothered to look. He had to have known whatever he was stepping/leaning on wasn't his, because he's not in his house. He's in public. Stepping on people.


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