Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why I hate Ground Hog Day (And you should, too).

I have come to dread Ground Hog Day for many reasons:

1. Worst Fake Holiday Ever. This is including Arbor Day.
2. I hear "I Got You Babe" about 60 times.
3. Andie McDowell won't fall in love with me

Wait. That wasn't me... Ok, let me start over.

1. Worst Fake Holiday Ever. This is including United Nations Day.
2. My mother ("Goo") sends out her family newsletter with glowing "year in review" paragraphs and adorable pictures of our family.
3. Except me. She finds the worst picture taken of me in a year and posts it. (You can click on the pictures to see them in their full-sized glory, not that you'd want to...)

In 2004 she uses a picture of me wearing hideous lipstick, an oily forehead, crunchy hair, and red eye.

In 2005, Goo selects a picture taken of me celebrating my escape from an insane asylum.

I get two pictures in 2006! One with the fam while wearing a child's shirt and baseball hat and one out of focus profile shot in which the margarita I'm holding seems to be the subject of the shot.

Last year... ok... I can't really complain too much about last year after seeing the picture she chose for TDub. In fact, it's such a long shot, you may have not even realized I was in the picture.

This year, I decided enough was enough. I asked Goo several days in advance to let me have final approval of the picture she selected of me for her annual newsletter. I mean, come on! I am pretty damn hot and fairly photogenic, why is it that she can NEVER find a decent picture of me?!? An hour before she forwarded the link to everyone she's ever met, it was sent to me for approval. DENIED!

She had a picture of me with wet gelled hair, red eye, and what can only be described as unevenness in the chest area. Of course, I am at work without my laptop that holds literally hundreds of pictures taken in the past year. We must resort to the pictures I have uploaded onto facebook. Of course there are no decent pictures of me solo and I'm not sure how my friends/boyfriend-type-person would feel about me submitting a picture with them in it (I like to ask for approval before posting pictures of people) so we settle for a decent pic of me with one of my favorite guys. It's not the best picture of me, but at least Roux isn't in the shot. (Click here to view her page if you haven't already seen it.)

So, readers of Goo's Ground Hog Day newsletter, I apologize for once again depriving you of a decent picture that accurately portrays my hotness. But, really, what can you expect from someone that sends out a family holiday newsletter on a fake holiday? Next year I will have professional portraits taken.


MamaNoFun said...

Every one of those photos of you is beautiful because you ARE beautiful and therefore by proxy all images of you are by association also beautiful.

Tink *~*~* said...

Perhaps Georgia is a closet pagan. February 2nd is typically the day to take down all evergreens from Yule and burn them.

Georgia, did you burn the Christmas cards? ;-D

Unknown said...

Y'all crack me up !!

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