Thursday, May 1, 2008

Or Current Resident

Am I the only one that's offended by this? I sign up for a lot of free samples. A lot. I get at least one in the mail everyday. They are always addressed to me or current resident.

But the letter accompanying the sample always says something like "Dear valued customer" or "thank you for your interest in our product". I had the interest, not the current resident! I always home that a man moves into my former place of residence, checks his mail and sees "(my name) or current resident" and gets really excited that he's gotten a free gift. But when he opens it, it's tampons.

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MamaNoFun said...

edit notes: change home to hope.

Most people get junk mail... but Ceci gets junk mail with good junk in it! The best part is when Lestat and Roux get mail!!! How cool is that?

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