Monday, April 3, 2006

Day Seven-Drugs. Day Eight- Smoke

Day 7, Gaby and I napped all day... finally getting up and heading to Kohls that evening because there are eight thousand things we need for class- watch, black pumps and flats, plain black purse. Of course e can't afford to buy any of these things because we aren't working, but we can't begin working without them. Ain't that a bitch? Anyway, we had fun looking at things we'll buy "later".

We put off going to Wal-Mart to buy food (they're feeding us crap) because we've been on the list to get a refrigerator for a week and haven't heard boo from anyone about it. I decide that it's my new mission in life to acquire one... so when we get back to the hotel, I call from the phone in the conference/study room and ask how long the list is and when they anticipate one becoming available. Oh, not for a while, they don't have any guests scheduled to check out in the near future. Not good enough. I go up to the room and call again. I tell the lady I just wanted to make sure that our room was on the list and asked how much longer she thought it would be. Same answer. "Hmm, is there anyway I could get moved to the top of the list? I have medication that requires refrigeration, and I'm concerned that the ice chest I"m leaving it in isn't keeping it at the proper temperature." She says she'll see what she can do, I thank her and go down stairs to smoke.

I catch up on the weekend gossip for about 10 minutes- that's my limit- and head back upstairs to share the interesting stuff with Gaby. "Marco had a prisoner transfer on his observat- HOLY SHIT! Hehehehehhehehehehhehehehe!"

We got ourselves a fridge! Bwahahahah!

Day 8. Holy shit. First of all, is this daylight savings time crap is unnecessary. Seriously. We set our alarm for 4:30 new time so our poor body and minds was convinced it was 3:30 and neither was very pleased about the situation. Class started at 6:30 with FlightDeck (we're not calling it a cockpit anymore, I can't imagine why...) Fixed Oxygen Mask Demo. Pretty nifty little contraption that thing. It literally suctions itself onto your face... funny thing about wearing an oxygen mask- for some reason you think it's going to breathe for you. It doesn't. Our trainer kept yelling, "BREATHE! INHALE!" and we would all laugh... until it was our turn and we forgot to breathe. Ehh... it happens. I would have remembered eventually.

Then we took an exam. I already forgot what it was. I only missed one question, though.

Then we all boarded the simulator, closed all the windows and got smoked out. Seriously smoked out. You couldn't see a thing but the exit lights leading you to the closest exit- I went out the Galley Service door, surprisingly didn't twist either ankle jumping out. I kinda wished I had gone through the exit window cuz it looked kinda fun to slide down the wing. Oh well... maybe next time.

We practiced emergancy evacuation announcements, but it was incredibly hard to get it straight because you listen to 95% of the people doing it incorrectly and get that stuck in your head. I'm still not entirely confident that I've got it down. We also have two aircraft exams tomorrow, which are hard as hell. Very confusing to learn two at the same time. Although, Jason just taught me his version of the 'mickey mouse club song' that he uses to remember what is stored in the compartment above the wardrobe closet. I don't think it'll work for me, but it is fun to hear him sing it.

Just walking around the hotel, you hear people screaming, "Bend over! Heads down! Bend over! Heads down!" It sounds like something you'd hear in Stipper 101. Which incidentally is the next training class I'll be attending if I don't pass this test tomorrow.

Oh, could I please take a moment to say Go Astros! Hells yeah. Speaking of my boyfriends, I met someone at the airport that had the Astros' star logo silver stud earrings. They were a gift so she doesn't know where to find them... I'm thinking Acedemy? If anyone sees them, I need them. NEEEEEEEEED them. I'll pay you back in 2 1/2 years when I pay off my uniform...

I suppose that's all I've got to say for now. Everyone wish me luck tomorrow, it's gonna be a doozy.

Word to your mother,

At this point my brain is too tired to study anymore, so Gaby and I decided to set the alarm for 4:30 again and study before class.

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